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Tyler Bowe is a freelance videographer who was born, raised, and is currently based in Republic, Washington. He is the owner of Highland Films. At a young age, Tyler learned to appreciate the workings of a small community and has developed a love of the outdoors and nature. When not with a camera, he can be seen out hiking, swimming, camping, and traveling. Tyler has been filming since the young age of 14, and has been professionally working in freelance videography since 23. His services include business promotional content, interviews, journalism, documentary, weddings, and real estate content. Tyler brings a professional, friendly and personal attitude wherever he goes. He can be reached by email at



Jon Bennett was born and raised in Ferry County, Washington. From a young age, music has always been his calling and passion. He started playing guitar as a freshman in high school and went on to writing his own music and singing, as well as learning to play many other instruments. During that time, he and Tyler Bowe started making their own home movies and films. After graduating, he went on to achieve his audio engineering degree at Spokane Falls Community College.  Jon now owns his own business, Safe-Heart Studios; which provides services for recording and creating music, sound effects, Foley, ADR, and ambiances for film; and recording bands or solo artists who want to make a CD of their own tracks. Jon is a Christian and brings a professional, creative, and honest attitude of every aspect of the job. He loves what he does and aims to work hard and have fun at the same time. He can be reached at:


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